EvoPrime Fitness is a boutique movement and health performance studio in the beautiful Whitsundays. 

It was found by us Jan and Chantel, a young passionate couple who love to see people being healthy, happy and live their life to its full potential. It was born from care and pure love for human body.

We understand, embrace and fully support the idea of preventative health in order to avoid being on the other side of the spectrum - in palliative stage of care.

We pride to be a personal as well as personal small group training studio. Our number one purpose is to inspire, empower and support you with an emphasis on life strength, longevity and complete health. We offer you a facility with a positive training environment, innovative training approach and exceptional experience.

Every person is unique so EvoPrime Fitness team provides a customisable health plan that help you to achieve what you are looking for and dramatically improvs your health - for longer.

Alongside with the movement coaching we also support you with self-care strategies and network of health care practitioners.