EvoPrime Fitness is a boutique movement and health performance studio in the beautiful Whitsundays. 

It was created by Jan and Chantel, a passionate couple who love to see people being healthy, happy and live their life to its fullest potential. It was born out of love and care for the human body and mind. Later on we were lucky to find Ashlee & Matt, another super health conscious coaches with the heart in the right place. Ashlee & Matt and the new owners of EvoPrime Fitness.

At EvoPrime Fitness we understand, embrace and fully support the idea of preventative health. 

We pride ourselves on being a studio focusing on INTROCEPTIVE AWARENESS - we guide you, but you learn by exploring.

Our number one purpose is to inspire, empower and support you to feel better. When you feel better, you think better, you move better and you are happier. When you are happier, you are healthier. It’s that simple.

To achieve global strength for life, resiliency and longevity, we offer you a facility with a positive training environment, innovative training approach and great experience.

Every person is unique so EvoPrime Fitness provides a customisable health plan that helps you to achieve what you are looking for and dramatically improves your health - for longer.

Welcome to EvoPrime Fitness