Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and personalised environment hence EvoPrime Fitness is "by appointment only" based facility. If you are interested to join us please press on the button "BOOK NOW" in the right top corner. We would be very happy to have you. Whether you chose to work in the group (ISGT) or personal training we will always design your program based on the individual parameters. 


Individualised Small Group Training (ISGT)

We do this little bit differently. ISGT is a unique training model based on categorised customisable programs depended on your individual movement level, lifestyle & daily readiness. 

The goal of this program is to address individual requirements within a small group environment and improve accountability and motivation.


  • 2 scheduled sessions per week with new program delievered every 5-8 weeks 
  • access to education (optional)
  • general mobility manual for self-care - Level I and II (please request)
  • your own training stainless steel bottle with filtered water 
  • fresh towel for every session
  • access to our closed educational/informational Facebook page
  • online training app access (please request) 
  • coaches heart and dedication


Personal Training

This is all about YOU. We listen what you like and dislike, consider your living environment and challenge your individual abilities but also make your session interesting and purposeful.

Personal Training is important for everyone who starts with the training and great for those looking for privacy. 

Based on individual appointment


Metabolic Conditioning 

Do you want to be strong, love the intensity, enjoying body weight exercises and also need to have adequate mobility and move better? THIS IS FOR YOU!

More and more we are having a debate on which training style is better and more effective. Is it traditional bodybuilding or functional training? HIIT Training or Steady State exercise?

The truth is that we are asking the wrong question as every training modality yields unique benefits. Thus, an all-inclusive approach to programming may be most effective.

The main question we should address is – with so many different training concepts in the fitness industry, how we can organise a program that is variable yet specific to the client's needs and is adaptable to any client?

We cover all of it above in perfectly organised training structure. This unique model was designed by incredibly smart team at the Institute of Motion


Ever Friday @5.45am - Public session

Youth Athletic  

Childhood is a perfect time for developing a variety of skills and create essential body awareness. 
But we do things little bit differently at EvoPrime Fitness. 

We are teaching our champions how to take care of their health and fitness from early stages of life.

Every Thursday @4.00pm - Public session

Pregnancy Health, Fitness & Wellness Program


Continuous 6 Week Pregnancy & Birth Preparation program for the mind body and soul.

  • In Studio Health and Fitness Session 60mins weekly
    • Mobility / Self Care strategies /Workout circuit
      • Progression and regressions to cater for all Pregnancy movement and fitness levels
    • Motherhood movement patterns / Recovery / Pelvic Floor health / Breathing strategies
  • Birthing Preparation
  • Nutritional information
  • Hormones 101
  • Access to training app with weekly at home workouts
  • Join our private social media group for ongoing support and useful information

Contact Ashlee for more details