Ashlee LADE

EvoPrime Fitness Owner | Ante & Post Natal Specialist | Institute of Motion LII Health Coach | doTERRA Wellness Advocate | Mum & Wife

Motherhood has taught me more than anything you could ever learn in a book, course or degree. The amazing things a women can achieve both physically (seriously we grow hearts!) emotionally, mentally and the simple power of an epic community!

A passion for fitness grew into a strong desire to Empower people to live a life they love. Creating your own healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or depriving and I wish more than anything for you to enjoy all the tiny moments, feel empowered with natural solutions and confident to dance in the rain.

Our mission is to guide others on their own personal and exciting journey to a happier healthy lifestyle.

Matt Lade


Institute of Motion LII Coach | ViPR Certified | Sport Performance Coach | Dad

After years of playing and training in rugby league my body start to fall apart with a broke ankle, torn ligaments, numerous soft tissue injuries and bulging discs. I had my fair share of injuries and not a clue how to recovery properly except for rest and ice.

Something had to change if I was going to keep playing past my late 20's or even being able to walk, run and get off the ground pain free later in life. I started to prioritise health first before I dived into the fitness. I am now pain free and feeling in the best shape in my life.

So let me ask you; what's wrong with performance for longevity?! Change the way we live and train with movement variability.


Together, we are a team of passionate people who love to be healthy, strong and vibrant for as long as we will be on this planet