We understand that life can be overwhelming and unpredictable, which can make taking care of our health difficult. If we add the amount of confusing information available at our fingertips, no wonder our level of frustration is on edge. It leads to making unhealthy choices, lack of motivation and possibly quitting. How do we know? Because we are humans too. And that's why we are here to help.  

At EvoPrime Fitness, we are committed to filter out the latest science and delivering the highest quality health plans based on:

  • your living environment

  • your individual goals

  • your time availabilities

We help you to save time by guiding you on how to get better results in less time. 

The movement demands in life and sport are specific, yet variable. Our body has to adapt to a strong, powerful and skilled motions which are intuitive and reactive. "Variability" and "Dosage"are the fundamental principles to achieve the unbreakable resilient body and well-functioning human being. Too much is as bad as too little. What is great for us in a small amount can be harmful when we do it too much. The examples are exercises, dietary restrictions, alcohol, certain toxins or sun exposure.


The movement strategies we use are based on the understanding that different physical solutions can optimise our health and influence how and for how long we perform be it at home, in life, in the gym or as an athlete on the field.

We are passionate about engineering inexpensive health pillars and being able to maximise the potential of them.

We focus on prevention, self-care solutions and empower you to control your health that leads to increase of health span. 

Welcome to a new era of fitness, Health Coaching for Modern Living.